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YOUXEL Studios is a Medical Art Studio backed up by YOUXEL Inc. which offers its design services for all healthcare and medical organizations and educational institutes .This covers a wide range of applications comprising patient communication, research work, medical education and illustrations of new surgery techniques. This also includes informative images services to pharmaceutical companies, medical and biomedical unique logo designs and much more.

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Meet the Talents within YOUXEL Studios Medical Illustration Team

Highly Trained Artists with a Master's Degree in Medical Art

The medical illustrator is a professional artist with extensive training in medicine, art, science, communication and media technology.

One of the important functions of the medical illustrator is to explain and break down complex processes and topics into understandable, scientifically accurate and aesthetically pleasing illustrations.

Our medical illustrators are highly trained artists with a master's degree that has been recognized by a medical illustration professional body such as the Institute of Medical Illustrators (IMI), UK, Medical Artist Association of Great Britain (MAA) and the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI), USA.
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